High Speed


High Speed Cinematography (or how to have fun blowing things up!)

VINCE certainly has had our fair share of high speed cinematography. We’ve shot with the Phantom, Photron, Epic, X35 and, ahem, Alexa 120. Speeds upto 10,000 FPS were achieved when we were blowing up vegetables with plastic explosives and shooting those pesky red onions with ball bearings after being frozen with liquid nitrogen for a viral.

Liquid behaves very differently under high speed conditions, for instance, water takes on a more viscous appearance. This was especially important for our Alpro work as we had fruit and milk combining in mid air using a motion controlled rig. It requires a specialist crew to undertake these shoots as they are typically the demo sequence of the commercial.

The Pringles shoot below used a 99,000 watt Longstrike lamp (yep nearly 100KW) to get enough light at 10,000 frames per second. This was powered by a 500,000 Watt Thundervoltz battery that weighs the same as a mini! Ouch!

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