Commerzbank Click&Trade


Directed by newly repped director David Waldman – this piece was commissioned to promote Commerzbank’s latest Click&Trade platform, the challenge was to avoid showing male trader looking characters using computers. We pitched a concept that explored the fact that the difference between a successful and unsuccessful trade can often come down to the space between hundredths of seconds. To show this, we chose a macro shoot approach, highlighting the product functioning accurately at the smallest level.

We chose to keep all effects in camera as this tends to make images more honest and easy to engage with. We wanted to make hard materials, such as metal and glass, appear fluid and malleable. This shows the level of intentional craftsmanship behind the Click&Trade platform.

The crushed desaturated blue has a focused and serious feel to it. All the elements combined are intended to suggest control, quality, craftsmanship and performance.

We think you’ll agree – a stunning piece of cinematography that’s very engaging.